There are certain requirements your properties need to adhere to before being accepted by Private Property:

1) Minimum 1 image for sales and 3 for rentals
2) Requirement per type:
   a) House Types: street no, street name (+ min 1 photo + description) + bedroom/ bathroom
   b) Flat/Apartment types:
street no, street name (+ min 1 photo + description) + bedroom/ bathroom


   c) Vacant Land listings require a stand size, street no, street name  (+ min 1 photo + description)


   d) Farms require a Farm Name, stand size, street no, street name  (+ min 1 photo + description)

- No restriction on amount of characters in description - but being more descriptive makes for a good listing

- Note: Commercial listings will not feed unless you have a package in place with Private Property

- Note: Never send a Sale and later change to Rental and vice-versa - Re-list the entire property with the correct status

Common Errors and how to fix them

PP119 - Street Number and Street Name are required at PPLSystems 

- edit listing and add str no and str name 


PP105 - Cannot create a new listing with a Property Status other than ForSale 

- Pending listings sent through will reflect this error- change status to For Sale> wait 20 min> Change back to Pending 


PP117 - A minimum of 1 images is required for sales listings 

- add a photo to the listing 


PP60 - The attributes are insufficient 

- normally missing bedroom/ bathroom or type not supported (guest house/ retirement village) that causes this error - add the bedrooms/bathrooms and change from guest house to retail / business or Industrial and from retirement village to house/apartment etc. and add to the description that it is a retirement village. (remember ou need a commercial contract in place with Private Property) 


Value [0] for property PropertyInfo.GeographicLocation is invalid. Latitude and Longitude can not both be 0. 

- this means you have not geocoded the address of the listing + selected "Make map location & address available on web" 

- you have to either de-select Make map location & address available on web - or geocode the address of the property (Under Location) 

How to hide your listing address

Should you want to hide your listing address make sure to NOT select "make exact map location available on web" (Step 2 in OMS when listing a new property) or you can edit the location detail of the property by opening the property with its reference number in the OMS, click on the "location" tab, left-hand side of the property listings' window and deselect the "make exact address available" tick box.

Rates /Taxes

No special characters are allowed in the rates and taxes fields i.e +,/.  This will prevent your listing from feeding to this portal successfully.

Private Property FAQ's

How do I know my listing has successfully been sent to Private Property?

-You will receive an email from Private Property with your Private Property reference number.

Agent Images will feed through automatically with each listing and your profile captured on the OMS. 

-In some cases, an agent image does not appear with the listing.  You can rectify this problem by saving the listing in the OMS again.

My agents do not reflect on Private Property?

- Agents will not feed if they do not have any listings linked to their profiles.

I edited my listing, changed the price and added photos to my listing how do I update the listing on the Private Property portal? 

- Amendments to your listing will update automatically when you save changes made in the OMS - normally within 20 min from making any adjustments.

How do I send a listing to Private Property via the OMS feed?

  • Open the listing that you wish to feed via our syndication service.
  • Ensure that all required fields as listed above have been completed.
  • Select the Online Marketing section - left-hand side of the mandate screen.
  • Select the Private Property portal option, click the tick box.
  • Click on "Save".
  • You will receive an email alert as soon as your listing has gone live on Private Property.

Property Types Not Supported through feed:

- Retirement Village

- Guest Houses  (Instead select Retail or Industrial or Business) + remember you need to have a contract to feed Commercial listings

Private Property does not have all the property types available on their portal that is currently available in the OMS.