You must have office administrator rights to perform this function.

Log onto the OMS, click on 'Marketing & Content' and then on 'External News'

Make sure Office is selected as publication level (should be as default) and click, on New'

Click Content and add your article - you are also able to add images / hyperlinks the body

Now go to Overview; here enter the Title and Summary that will appear as an intro before the visitor will click on a link that displays the full article.

Also, add a thumbnail (small image) that will appear on the homepage of your website (Flex powered websites only)

When you are done with your article select the publish to web news and save (bottom right of page)

Allow a few minutes before it will display on your website (normally 30 min)

You can also set a future date to publish if you want to pre-load articles to display on specific dates by using the calendar and clock icons to set the future dates that articles need to be published.

If you are using the copy and paste function to add news, please be aware that you will need to use ctrl+shift+v to paste the article otherwise you will have spacing issues.

Entering paragraphs require the use of shift+enter