Simply submit a support ticket with details of your request. Our team will quote you first and also get into contact with you should there be any questions.

On approval of the quote, we will schedule the work. Smaller updates are usually done sooner while larger updates need to be planned into our project schedule.

Can you give me access to my website for editing?

No, we do not allow external FTP access to your website including source code which remains under the ownership of Entegral. 

Only the Entegral team can access and update your website to ensure we provide a highly reliable & secure product.

Can I get external developers to design pages for my site?

Although you can provide rough samples of what you want your pages to look like, Entegral designers & developers need to develop these pages from scratch. With our latest Flex real estate websites, we also need to carefully develop pages so it sizes and works correctly with the rest of the site. Our designers and developers fully understand the constraints we work with when developing pages.

Can you upload external scripts or other code to my website?

Due to the nature of the design of Flex websites (running on a centralized code platform), we cannot upload external code files (including javascript files). We can include additional javascript code in the headers/footers of individual websites. This will however need to go through a testing process to ensure it doesn't break anything on your website or negatively impacts the overall system. Based on the scripts (or any script updates) provided, you will be quoted for the testing. Due to continuous updates done on the Flex website platform, we cannot guarantee that external scripts will continue to work indefinitely. In cases where external scripts impact negatively on Flex code updates, Entegral reserves the right to remove the code and notify you that updates and retesting would be required.