By default, all Flex websites developed follow SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) best practices to improve your natural ranking when someone searches for property or real estate services in your area via a search engine like Google. We continuously apply updates based on our own 15+ years of research, best practices and recommendations. Through the Flex platform, we can apply updates to all clients which saves you as client on cost. 

200+ Ranking factors

Search engine algorithms continue to evolve over time and with Google having over 200 ranking factors for your site, it would be foolish to only point out and focus on a few items. There are off-page (e.g. backlinks from other sites), on-page (your content and keywords) and technical (site speed and usability) ranking factors. There isn't one single ranking factor that will make or break your SEO. Rather, it is a combination of efforts that work together that results in good overall ranking. 

We do the technical work, you do the content

There is an increased focus from search engines (notably Google who is the largest) on site usability, speed and quality content that is useful and easy to navigate for visitors. Our team's responsibility is to ensure we focus on the enhancement of the overall Flex platform including addressing any technical SEO issues. This is an ongoing processes and we use several tools and monitor sites to address issues. There is always room for improvement but everything requires careful planning and research. 

While we take care of the technical side of things, clients need to take care of the content side. E.g. quality listings and photos, regular news updates, area articles, detailed about sections, agent profiles and guides can have a big impact on ranking on page #1 or #2 of a search engine for specific searches.  

Can I get external companies to help with my website SEO?
Since we already have a dedicated team following best web development and SEO practices we unfortunately do not take advice or work with external SEO companies. It is also time consuming with most giving the same advice (that we already know). Our dedicate Flex team has a clear roadmap for incremental improvements, so you can rest assured that you are in capable hands.

Since Flex websites are template based, we do improvements for all clients, rather than just one at a time. The technical SEO work we do is therefor applied to all clients. The exception is our custom Flex websites, where specific technical SEO adjustments can be made for individual clients if required.