By default, all websites developed follow SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) best practices. This is researched & updated on a continuous basis by our team.

Your website ranking in the search engine is dependent on a number of factors. These days, search engines like Google place a lot of focus on unique, quality content, so make sure:

  • your property descriptions are unique and descriptive.
  • you have a sufficient number of high-quality photos on your listings.
  • try to write & upload regular news articles on your website.
  • create other unique property related content on your website, e.g. buyer and seller guides. 

Can I get external companies to help with my website SEO?

Because our team already follows SEO best practices, and any SEO changes usually require intensive development work on the architecture of your website, we, unfortunately, cannot work with any external companies. Continuous SEO work is done on our latest generation Flex real estate websites. With this being a fairly new product, you will notice small iterative improvements over time. All updates we make will automatically apply to all clients, at no cost to you. Rather than focusing on technical SEO details, we advise you to focus on generating unique, quality content to your website on a consistent basis.