Here are some things you can check:

  • 1. Verify email address: Is your email address entered correctly under your profile? The number of leads you get through email should also correspond to the number of leads you see on the dashboard when you log in (under website inquiries - personal). A misspelled email address will fail leads, but you will still see them logged under the dashboard web inquiries section. You can also test by sending an inquiry to yourself on one of your listings

  • 2. Portal email address blacklisted by agency Email provider: Make sure you ask your email provider to whitelist the,, domains. If you host your email through Entegral Technologies it is done automatically.

  • 3. Listing quality: This is in most cases the problem. Entegral-built portals have quality checks that filter out low-quality properties by default (but still gives the visitor the option to view the properties, click here for a blog article on this). In the OMS go to Property / Quick Search. In the filter section choose 'active listings - no photos' and under agent 'all agents'. Properties without photos and/or no descriptions are penalized and do not appear in the default search results (on specifically). So:
    • Make sure your listings have photos and good quality photos
    • Make sure your listings have descriptions
    • Also, perform a search on the portals (e.g. MyProperty) to see if you can find your own listings.