The following steps should be taken to upload images to your listings on our Office Management System:

Note: Use only the latest browser versions.

Open the listing and go to the "Photos" section

Click "Uploader"

You will be taken to below screen

Click the + sign - this will open your file explorer on your PC

Simply navigate to the folder on your PC that carries the property images

From here select the image (or images) you want to attach

Note: Should you want to select multiple images for upload you need to select the first image in the folder then hold your shift key on your keyboard and select the last of the images you wish to upload - this highlights all of the images or select cntrl and the letter A on the keyboard

Click Open at the bottom of the file explorer, your images will now end up in screen below-

To change the sequence of the images simply drag and drop them into the desired position

- then click Upload

Should your images be upside down, simply hover over the image and use the button below to turn the images right side up

Note: You will be able to select whether you would like to add a copyright to your photos at this stage. The non-watermarked version of your photos uploaded will feed to external portals where required (including Property24). This means that you can safely select the watermarked option without the risk of your photos being rejected.