The OMS virtual tour functionality allows you to upload an unlimited number of panoramic photos to your property listings at no additional cost:

  • The 360 tour link is then added to your listing on your Flex responsive real estate website. To create the 360 spherical photos, you can use a specific 360 camera or try out a number of phone apps available, including the free Google Streetview app that can be used to create photo spheres.

Log onto the OMS and open the desired property listing

•Click on the virtual tour menu on the property and click on "add panorama photos"

  • On the next page select the +
  • Select the panorama image you've created
  • Click Upload

  • Note: the description you enter is used in the dropdown on the actual virtual tour for visitors, so keep it short but descriptive, e.g. garden, main bedroom, living area.
  • The upload takes slightly longer than your standard photo upload, this is because a higher resolution version is created that will allow visitors to view the virtual tour in full-screen format
  • In the sample below, we've uploaded 3 virtual tour scenes for the property (you can upload an unlimited number)

•Click on any of the panoramic images to view your virtual tour (a window will open up as per sample below):

•Use your mouse or navigation buttons to pan around or press the fullscreen icon to view the virtual tour in HD (High Definition) full-screen format.

•Allow +- 20 min for the virtual tour to update to your property listing on your website and Entegral powered portals (e.g. and Flex