The OMS Document library provides a secure, online file library for personal files, shared office files and shared group files.

The file explorer allows you to create directories and uploads multiple files of up to 50MB each to your storage area. You can furthermore drag-and-drop files in the document library.

How do I download files?

Just double-click on a file to start downloading it to your computer.

How many files can I upload?

There is no limit on the number of files you can upload, but some storage restrictions apply depending oplease click here to viewStorage sizes are different for the personal, office and group document libraries and display under the file explorer. Once you reach 100% of your storage allocation a message display as follows (you will still be able to download files):

You have run out of available space in the document library. Please upgrade your OMS Package or delete some files

How does the access work on the personal, office and group document libraries?

Personal Document Library: Only you have access to this and can upload, download or delete files.

Office Document Library: Everyone in the office can access this to download files, but only the office administrator profile can upload or delete.

Group Document Library: For national groups, everyone in the group including all office and agents has access, but only organisational managers can upload or delete.

Can I create folders?

Yes, just click on the 'new folder' icon in the toolbar to create as many folders as you want

If I delete files, can they be recovered later?

No, if you delete a file it is permanently removed.  Prompts are displayed warning you if you are about to delete a file.

How safe are my files?

Making use of our cloud infrastructure, we provide a highly redundant system. All files uploaded are automatically made redundant by copying your files across multiple devices and data centres, without you having to worry about anything! All files are furthermore encrypted providing a highly secure environment for all your personal, office and group files.