The OMS allows you to add external videos, virtual tours and links to property listings.

External Videos

You can easily add a Youtube or other external link to a property listing. These appear as either a link or embedded video on your website, depending whether your website caters for embedded videos. With Youtube videos, we embed the actual video into your Entegral powered Flex website.

Internal (Private): these files and links are viewable only through the OMS to users with access to the property listing.

External (Public): these files and links are viewable to the public on websites. These links & files are exported to websites that support this features (normally Entegral build portals and your website).

How to add a Youtube video:

1. Open the video on Youtube

2. Click on the share button

3. A 'link to this video' will appear, copy this link:

4. Now open the specific property listing in the OMS

5. Click on Files & Links

6. Under external links, click on 'add link'

7. Insert the youtube URL, add a description and click on the 'make public' checkbox, making it available on your website.

8. If this is a virtual tour, insert 'Virtual Tour' in the description, your Flex website will then recognize this as a virtual tour and make adjustments to embed it correctly and display a 'virtual tour' tab.

9. Click on Save


You're done! Allow up to 15min for the video to be displayed on your website or Entegral portals. A sample screenshot of your Flex powered website can be seen below:


1. Only the latest generation Flex powered websites support embedded Youtube videos. 

2. Entegral reserves the right to block competitor branded videos and virtual tours on Entegral powered property portals including MyProperty (but not on your own website). 

How many files & links can I save?

There is no limit on the number of files & links you can save on your properties.

The number of files you can save are limited by the available space on your account. Even after that, you can upgrade your account and scale to unlimited capacity if you wish. Click on the file usage link bottom right of the files & links page to get an overview. The system calculates the total size of all files on all property listings for the office and displays it here.

What if I ran out of space?

If your office runs out of file space - well done, since it shows you are truly utilizing the full benefits of the system. Simply follow the link that will display and upgrade your account or buy additional space at minimal cost. Current space per account package are as follows: (note that if you are part of a group, you will have customized settings).

How safe are my files?

All files are saved in our secure cloud infrastructure that provides a highly redundant infrastructure. Entegral takes all possible measures to secure user data. Files displayed through the OMS or the web are downloaded through a secure 128-bit SSL connection using the HTTPS protocol.

How durable are my files?

To be exact, 99.999999999% durable! If you store 10,000 files in the OMS, you can expect on average a loss of a single file every 10,000,000 years. We provide the most durable and advanced storage medium available, with your files stored in multiple locations.