How does it work?

  • A unique fax number is assigned to a property.
  • All faxes sent to this fax number is automatically imported as a PDF document on this property
  • You can provide this number to clients or suppliers to fax documents straight to this property.
  • You are automatically alerted via email when a new fax is received on this property.
  • Faxes received are free of charge and there is no minimum contract period or setup fees.

Terms & Conditions

  • Fax numbers are currently only provided to South African users.
  • No setup charge: Fax numbers are provided free of charge to offices and users of the OMS.
  • No fee for incomming faxes: You won't be charged any fees for receiving faxes.
  • Sending faxes to your fax number: There is a cost to the end-user for sending a fax to your fax number, with the cost the same as any other 086 fax number service.
  • Fax number recycling: If no fax has been received over a 2 month period, the fax number will automatically be recycled for re-use within the system. In the event of a fax number removed because of non use, you won't loose any of your faxes currently saved on your property listings.

Frequently asked questions

Can I provide this fax number to external parties?

Yes, that is the whole idea. Provide the fax number for this property to the seller, buyer, attorney, bank and anyone else related to this property mandate.

Is the number assigned for live to this property?

No, if no faxes are received within a 2 month period, we assume that you are not using the service on this listing, and the fax number will be recycled for use within the OMS.

How many faxes can I receive on a property?

There is no limit on the number or size of faxes you can receive. The only limitation is the size of your property library as indicated by your usage stats at the bottom of the  page. Should you ever run out of space you can upgrade your account or easily remove some old faxes.

Can I rename faxes?

Yes, simply click on the 'fax received' link and click on edit, you can rename the description. 

I received an unknown fax?

Most fax numbers in South Africa are recycled if they are not used after a time, you may receive the odd fax not addressed to you, simply delete it.