The sales tracking template tasks allows you to define a unique set of tasks related to a specific sale type or any other criteria. When a user captures a new offer, a sales tracking template is selected, and the offer is then pre-populated with the tasks, durations and assigned people you've configured here.

Tree view structure

There is always on main tasks which can then be branched as many times as required to sub tasks. Sub tasks can also be branched.

Click on an item will highlight it in red and reveal the task details on the right.

To create or delete a branch in the tree view structure, simply click on the plus (+) or minus (-) icon in the branch.


Task details

A number of fields can be configured for every task:

  • description: general short description of the task.
  • estimated duration: the estimate on how long this task will take in business days.
  • task assigned to: who is responsible for this task. 
  • help text: here you can better describe the particular task, it will be available as help text on new offers.
  • milestone task: if this is a major item completed in the overall sales tracking, you can mark it as a milestone. a blue flag is displayed next to milestone tasks. milestone tasks will be used for tracking and report purposes to get a quick overview of where in the process the sale currently sits.

Sample template tasks screenshot