Follow these steps to disable or enable an agent or office worker:

  • When logged on to the OMS, click on Setup ->My Office -> Office Members
  • Click on 'edit' next to the name of the person that you want to delete/disable on the office members page
  • Click on the "user account" tab (next to "public info" & "User account")
  • Click on "more actions" and select "delete/disable/enable user"

On the delete/disable office worker page select:

  • Disable this agent (recommended): this will disable the particular agent in the system, but will first transfer all active listings (for sale, rental, auction, pending sales) to the agent you select in the dropdown option list. All the agents' inactive stock (inactive, expired, sold, etc.) will remain under his name. This could be useful in future to keep historical statistical data on this agent. The other advantage is that you can, later on, enable the agent again. Any inactive stock on this agents' name can still be opened and reactivated (e.g. a mandate that expired can be reactivated again but under an enabled agent). This agent will not show up on your website, and his user account will be disabled, thus the disabled user will not be able to log into the system.
  • Delete this agent: this action will delete the selected agent completely after transferring all listing stock (active and inactive) to the another agent chosen in the drop down list option. This action will permanently remove the agent's profile from the system and is not reversible.

To enable a disabled user

  • Once logged in to the OMS system, Click on Setup -> My Office -> Office Members
  • Open the selected agent/office worker's profile
  • Click on the 'User account tab.'
  • Under 'more actions' select the 'delete/disable/enable user' option
  • On the following page click 'process' to re-enable the user
  • The user will be able to log in again in the OMS with his/her old password