Your profile photo is used in the OMS for brochures and is used to display with your contact information on your own website and other property portals that makes provision for this. 

To update your photo

1) On setup click on [my profile] and navigate to the [upload photo] link under the public info tab.

2) If you are an administrator for your office, you can go to setup / my office/office members to update profile photos for your office.

3) Select your profile photos from your computer,you would need to resize it first 160 x 200 pixels.

4) Hover your mouse over the picture and click on the edit button.  Which will allow you to crop your photo to the correct size.

5) A box will appear with your photo and a crop window. Drag the edges of the crop window, the inside section will be cropped and used for your profile pic.

6) Click OK and press upload.

7) Allow some time for your profile pic to update automatically to external portals and your website. 


  • For a professional look and feel, take photos against a plain background. For teams, you should consider using the same background for all photos.