The Live Inbox shows various live incoming messages from the system, ordered by showing the latest items first. It also shows the age of the message, e.g. 1 day.

This includes the following color coded categories:

  • Website leads: as soon as someone does an enquiry on one of your properties, an inbox alert message is generated here. You can also import leads from leading property portals, check out the help section on the inbox.
  • Referrals: if you are part of a group and have access to the referral system, new referrals will be listed here (launching soon!)
  • Mandate alerts: listings about to expire and listings that have expired, and other related mandate alerts
  • Fax alerts: when you receive a fax from the document library (fax-to-document library feature)

Reading messages

By default is shows your outstanding items that you haven't actioned. Simply click on the text e.g. 'enquiry from website' to open up the message. 

Action messages

Mark an inbox message as complete by simply clicking on the checkbox on the left hand side of the item. As soon as you do this the inbox will refresh and remove the item from the view. Completed items are available under my completed items. Office managers/administrators furthermore have access to everyone's inbox message alerts (excluding any private messages that will be included in future).

Live update feature

The system automatically scans for new messages every 60 seconds, so there is no need to refresh the page. New messages will automatically pop into the top position.