You can configure subcategories for your contacts, this will allow you to file/divide your contacts into their own groups e.g. Bond applications Approved or Buyers within a specific price range etc. 

Start your configuration:

  • Go to your Contacts module
  • Click on View Contacts
  • Select the appropriate Category

Note: The subcategory will appear under the category you file it under. If you want everyone in your office to see the subcategory then select Office or Group, if it is one of your own select Personal

Click Configure and give your subcategory a name e.g. Private Sale

Then select add

You are now ready to start filing your contacts,

If you have any existing contacts that you want to link, do the following:

  • Click View Contacts
  • Now search for the contact by selecting the subcategory the contact is listed under
  • When you find the contact click Open

Once the existing contact opens click on Categories

Simply select the subcategory you want to file it under by clicking the checkbox next to the category of choice

Now click Save

Go back to your subcategory, you will notice that your contact has been added to it.

The contact will not move as a whole from one category to another - it will be filed under both categories.

When you list a new contact you will be able to link the contact to the subcategory on step 4 of 4 the page will be similar to above image.

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