When you give a listing an inactive status in the OMS (expired, withdrawn, inactive, cancelled sale etc), it is scheduled to automatically be removed from you own and external property websites. The time frame in which this change will occur can range from anything between 5min to 1 day depending on the portal.

* On your own Flex Website, MyProperty, Property24 and Private Property, this change should occur within no more than 20 minutes.

On rare occasions, inactive listings fail to be removed from external websites. Simply open the listing in the OMSand press 'save changes' on the mandate screen. This change will be put in the queue again and should reflect within the time frame as scheduled with various portals.

If you still find the listing active on external websites please contact our team. You can find our contact details on the OMS dashboard or send us an email at support@entegral.net - remember to send the reference number of the particular property with your email.