This service will import your leads from external property portals into the OMS at no additional cost. 
Leads from Entegral powered websites, including your own website, MyProperty South Africa & Namibia are already imported automatically. 

External websites currently supported for lead import are:


  • Click here to see what the imported leads will look like 

    You have 2 options to import external leads:

    Manual import of leads

    Simply forward your lead emails from these websites to

    The OMS will pick up the OMS reference number, automatically extract lead data and assign it to the correct agent in the OMS inbox that is currently listed as the listing agent. Please forward only lead emails from properties listed through the OMS (the email will contain the OMS reference number). If it cannot find the OMS reference number the email will be discarded and no lead imported. 

    Automatic import of leads

    This will work if your email service provides automatic filtering & forwarding. Entegral's PremiumMail solution offers this. Simply set up filters for the lead emails in your inbox and forward them to
    NB: your mailbox will need to be setup on the IMAP protocol OR you need to set the option 'keep a copy of this email on the server' on your mail software.

    Here are instructions for setting up filtering & forwarding through Entegral's PremiumMail solution:

  • login to your webmail
  • click on settings & incoming email

    The filter you can use for each portal is as follows:

    Property24 Listing Number Contact Request 

    Private Property
    Private Property Listing Enquiry 

    IOL Property Listing Number Contact Request 

    Lead enquiry from ImmoAfrica