Should your listing fail the Private Property minimum requirements or if an interface problem occurs, it will return an error code in the OMS Property Online Marketing section.

The error should be descriptive enough for you to know what action to take, e.g. "A minimum of 3 images is required for sales listings".

Simply take the corrective action, e.g. upload more photos, and the property will automatically update to Private Property within a few minutes.

The following detail would be helpful when getting Private Property errors:

Private Property Error Code Reason for Error How to Fix
PP50 - Cannot update property details for active listings General Error  Please contact support for assistance
PP50 - Listing status cannot be updated for incomplete listings  General Error  Please contact support for assistance 
PP60 - The attributes are insufficient The details or attributes for the property have been incorrectly supplied  Please check property details eg: bedroom amount, bathroom amount or property features and a min of 3 Images. Vacant  land listings require a stand size 
PP70 - Failed Mandate Validation Duplicate entry

You have a property with the same address in the OMS that is fed to Private Property

Contact our support team, we will liaise with Private Property to remove the duplicate flag - please also change the address, unit number or street number for the listing. 
PP100 - Not authorized to update this branch
Your branch contract is not valid to update listings or make changes  Please contact Private Property's Support
PP105 - Cannot create a new listing with a Property Status other than For Sale This usually happens when the property was first listed as for sale and then changed to an rental status. Private Property doesn't allow status changes from For Sale to Rental and visa versa - also NO pending listings will feed Unfortunately the only way to fix this is to recapture the listing with the  correct status
PP119 - Street Number and Street Name are required


All listings should have an street number and street name or Complex name and Unit Number depending on the type type of property.

the agent associated to this listing does not exist
Simply add the street number and street name or Unit number and complex name 

Contact our support team for assistance

Awaiting moderation from Private Property, please be patient as this may take a few hours in some cases. This status will automatically update as soon as we receive feedback

This status indicates that the OMS is awaiting feedback from Private Property - if your listing takes too long to update to Private Property click save changes under online marketing, this will send a new update.

Please note that we will update this page going forward with the most common problem resolutions.

Should any of the error messages not make sense, please log a support ticket, mention the property reference number and we can follow up for you.