Should your listing fail the Property24 minimum requirements or if an interface problem occurs, it will return an error code in the OMS Property Online Marketing section, hover your mouse cursor over the red triangle to view the error message.

The error should be descriptive enough for you to know what action to take, e.g. "A minimum of 3 images is required for sales listings".

Simply take the corrective action, e.g. upload more photos, and the property will automatically update to Property24 within a few minutes.

The Listing Dashboard will also give you an overview of all your stock and the status of your listings on Property24.  The same red icon will give you an indication of an error message to a listing.

Here is more detailed information for some of the errors returned:

Agent contact details required

Check that your cell number is valid. Only one cell number without special characters is allowed. E.g. 0820001111.

Expiry date must be in the future

Please open the property mandate and check that the expiry date on your property mandate is in the future and not already expired.

Normally your Pending Sale listings will have this problem.

Invalid Property24 Suburb, A request has been logged with the support team to correctly map the suburb

Sometimes the OMS areas do not match those of Property24 (usually with new suburbs). The system automatically reports these errors to our team who will do the matching and resubmit these listings for you ASAP (depending on our workload). We do mismatch corrections daily so there is no need to contact us on this as it will resolve itself automatically.

Listing Blocked

Property24 will send the agent an email with the reason why the listing has been blocked. Please check your Inbox.

Failed to validate Agent. Invalid last name value for an agent.
special characters are not permitted in the name field e.g. brackets

Please note that we will update this page going forward with the most common problem resolutions.

Should any of the error messages not make sense, please log a support ticket, mention the property reference number and we can follow up for you.