IOL Property updates their feeds once a day.  Any listing updates will reflect on their portal within a 24-hour time-frame.

These include residential, commercial and agricultural listings for sale and rent (long term rentals only).
A subscription is required for agents selling in metro areas.  Should you market any listings in these areas and wish to advertise your listings on IOL Property, please contact IOL Property for package options.

Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban
Note that this may include some surrounding areas, you can check with IOL Property as this is subject to change from their side.
- should you advertise in these areas your branch will be pay-zone blocked, meaning that only subscribing agencies' listings will display for that area

If you are new to the OMS, we will automatically activate you on IOL Property once you start to load listings on the system. This activation is done once a month (normally during the last week of each month) with IOL Property.