This article will explain how to send SMS's from our Office Management System & give users access to send SMS's

How to give a user access to send SMS's

Note: Only users with office admin access can enable users to make use of this functionality

1. Log onto OMS and click on Setup > My Office > Office Members

2. Click on "Edit" next to the user of choice

3. Select User Account

4. Under the Individual Configuration heading simply select the checkbox next to "Can send SMS messages." 

5. Save

The user will now be able to send SMS's

How to send an SMS from the OMS system

Note: You need to create a contact first

Go to Contact Module > Click New Contact and follow the wizard (step 1 to 4)

Once you have the contact/s setup you are ready to start sending SMS's

  1. Go to Contact Module > View Contacts
  2. Locate the folder that carries the contact (you can either select just one contact or multiple contacts within the same folder by checking the checkbox next to each contact and selecting "to briefcase" OR select "All to briefcase" should you need to send SMS to everyone in the specified folder

3. After sending preferred contacts to your Briefcase click on Briefcase (top left corner of the OMS)

4. A window containing your contact will open, select the contact/s and select "send SMS"

5. In the next window write your message and send the SMS

NOTE: You are able to do scheduled deliveries - simply use the calendar and clock to select time/date of delivery 

- leave blank to send immediately