General info

Zoopla is one of the top UK and international portals. The interface allows you to publish listings to a large international audience. Find out more about Zoopla and the package options offered here

How does the package limit work in the OMS?

Once Entegral has activated your Zoopla package, administrators can assign individual access and listing limits for every user.

Under setup / office members, select the user and click on the user account tab. Here you can enable or disable Zoopla access and set the limit for the user.

By default, no users will have access and you can individually select the users you want to provide with Zoopla access.

Users with Zoopla access enabled can now select listings for export on the property's online marketing section.

A small info box will display the user's current usage. Should the limit be reached the Zoopla checkbox will be disabled.

The user can simply unselect already active Zoopla listings or you can increase their limit through the user admin section.

What properties can I send to Zoopla?

Please see a list of restrictions here for Zoopla and other portals.

How quick will my property appear on Zoopla?

With the direct feed listings will usually appear on Zoopla within 2 min.