Online profiles can be configured for every OMS user and is used in various places including websites that support it.

Popular social media channels can be set up in the OMS. You can link these to your personal or company accounts. Please note, that these profiles are associated with you and available for the public to see.

To update a channel simply select it from the list. In the 'online handle' field, enter the unique handle (user or business name) or simply copy and paste your URL from the browser (e.g. and the system will try to retrieve the handle for you. Use the 'test' link to test that the profile opens up correctly on the web.

Here are some sample URL's for social channels and in bold, the handle (username) that is used.

Similar web addresses can be pasted into the field and the system will extract the username for you.








Skype:JohnDoe (just enter your Skype user name)

Take note of the following for customers that feed to Property24

Agents should make sure that their name on the OMS System matches exactly with how it is captured on Privyseal, as this is one of the checks done.