Agencies are allowed to list one listing per plan/house type on the portal in this area.  As per a meeting, it was agreed that there are approximately 9 different house types. 

Due to that Property24 confirmed that there are thousands of repeated images/listings, they requested as from 31st January 2017, all listings listed in the Soshanguve area by participating agencies will need to be corrected. 

The result would be that each agency would only have one listing per plan/house type.  If there are multiple agents from the same agency selling the same plan/house type, they would all need to be assigned to the same listing, not individual listings.  

Kindly also note that Property24 have made amendments to the Suburb layer, which results in for example, Soshanguve East, falling under Soshanguve.  So you will not need to list the listing twice under both suburbs. There will be a listing audit performed at the beginning of February 2017 and should Property24 find agencies that do not comply, Property24 will be forced to block listings and impose listing ranking penalties as to not disadvantage the other agencies that are complying.