The OMS Zapier component is currently in BETA but runs on your live OMS data. During this BETA period we will resolve any issues and make enhancements where required, your feedback is important to help us improve the component.

How to get access to the Zapier OMS app

Only office administrators can request access, the following will be provided:

  • a special link that provides you with access to the Zapier OMS app, this will enable you to create 'zaps';
  • a security token (OMS API key) that you insert in Zapier to identify your OMS office;

What data is exposed?

  • Public available property data (as it appears on property portals) as well as actual location data (street address, lat/long coordinates);
  • All contacts (either captured private or shared with office);

Can I provide Zapier access to my tech savvy agents?

You can, but be aware of the data exposed (all property listings and contacts captured within the OMS)

Can I revoke Zapier access?

Simply email our support team. We can immediately revoke access to your Zapier Security Token (OMS API key) in case you lost the key or it fell into the wrong hands.

What triggers and actions can I perform in Zapier?

Trigger: New Property: Triggers when you add a new property listings in the OMS.

Trigger: New Agent: Triggers when you add a new agent in the OMS.

Trigger: New Contact (Office Shared Contact): Triggers when you add a new contact that was marked as 'shared' in the OMS.

Trigger: New Contact (Any Contact): Triggers when you add a any new contact in the OMS.

Action: Add a property note: Allows you to add a new note on a property using the OMS property reference number.

Why aren't my current contacts & properties not exporting?

Zapier triggers only work on new records or updates done in a system, including the OMS. Only new contacts or properties or updates to contacts or properties are triggered to Zapier.