You can easily create 360 degree Video tours with your camera or generate it with your computer, you can then upload these video's to YouTube and link it to your property in the OMS system.

Step 1

Create your video and save it to your PC

Step 2

Prepare for Upload

a) Make sure you have a program installed on your machine that can extract files from a Zip file - e.g WinRAR

- if you have a 32bit version of Windows there are extra steps to take / install Python then follow below instructions

b)Create a 360-enabled file with an app 

  1. Download the 360 Video Metadata app for Mac (download) or Windows (download).
  2. Unzip the file, then open the 360 Video Metadata app. If you're on an Apple computer, you may need to right-click the app and click Open.
  3. Select the video file.
  4. Select both check-boxes and click Save.
  5. Enter a name for the file that will be created.
  6. Save the file. A new file will be created automatically in the same location as the original file.
  7. Upload the new file to YouTube.
  8. Wait for the video to process. 

When your video is ready copy the YouTube link and then open the listing

- go to Files and links and add your link to your property> save