You can capture property requirements on contacts and find matching listings for them

This is a great way to keep track of what your clients are looking for and a great tool to find matching 

clients for your new listings.

The first step is Qualifying your clients by capturing them as a contact and adding their property requirements. 

After doing so open the contact and select the 'qualify' tab. 

Here you can add multiple requirements which include property features, areas, and short notes. 

A simple click on the 'view listing matches' button, will reveal all current listings that match the client's criteria.

Alternatively, you can View matching clients on new or existing listings

Open a listing go into the 'reports' section

Next, click on Matching Clients 

Now Select criteria to filter on" 

Optionally exclude certain features, such as the number of baths to widen your match, 

and click on Run to find all matching clients

The report will clearly 

indicate which requirements of the client were met with a green checkmark.