Base allows you to add external files and links to property listings.

To add your files and links open the listing and select Media

Select "add external links" then paste your URL into the specified field, remember the URL has to start with HTTP or HTTPS

For the description, the system will automatically use the Youtube video title

Select add files to add any file type (.pdf, word, jpg) from your PC. Your file explorer will open, navigate to the folder where your files are located then select and upload the file

How many files & links can I save?

There is no limit on the number of files & links you can save on your properties.

How safe are my files?

All files are saved in our secure cloud infrastructure that provides a highly redundant infrastructure. Entegral takes all possible measures to secure user data. Files displayed through Base or the web are downloaded through a secure 128-bit SSL connection using the HTTPS protocol.

How durable are my files?

To be exact, 99.999999999% durable! If you store 10,000 files on Base, you can expect on average a loss of a single file every 10,000,000 years. We provide the most durable and advanced storage medium available, with your files stored in multiple locations.