Note: This is a BETA release (we are testing & tweaking the functionality and also evaluating running costs)


Base allows you to link your account to external email and calendar services,  in order to provide an increasing number of functions within Base to save you time.

Under our BETA release, you can integrate your IMAP email account to automatically import leads from portals into your Base Inbox.

You can also connect your Google Apps account which includes automatic leads plus calendar integration.

This helps you streamline your leads and contacts communication and schedules.


Once setup, Base will automatically import your lead emails from all supported portals on a continuous basis. It will intelligently extract the lead data and allow you to qualify and convert those leads into contacts. You will be able to see the incoming leads on your dashboard and inbox, from where you can action them. This allows you to compare lead quality between portals and streamline your leads processing operations.


  • IMAP: Your email needs to be setup under the IMAP protocol (where a copy of the message is kept on the server). 
  • Gmail: We provide a convenient way of authorizing your Gmail account in Base without having to enter any details.


You can connect your Google Apps account to also allow for your Base calendar to be synced to Google calendar. Upon setup Base will:

  • Automatically sync new diary entries you create in Base (on your Home, Listing or Contacts Diary) to your Google Calendar.
  • If you attach a contact or listing to the calendar entry, Base will sync the address details including geo-location (for instant driving directions) and contact email.
  • Setup alerts (30 minutes direct notification before event and 2 hrs email before event). The email will also go out to your contact (if added to calendar entry).
  • The system will not sync Google calendar entries back to Base (may be provided in future depending on user feedback).


To set this up, open your profile and select the integrations tab. Enter your IMAP email credentials or connect your Gmail account.

Historical lead emails from the past 7 days will be imported and the system will then import any future leads.

IMAP setup details (Entegral PremiumMail Solution):

- IMAP server:

- Port: 993

IMAP setup details (Entegral ValueMail Solution):
- IMAP server: (replace yourdomainname with your agency domain)

- Port: 993


We've enabled the following portals for users, while other portals are currently being tested and will be enabled once we are satisfied with the results. Check back soon!

- Your own website (if hosted through Entegral)

- MyProperty South Africa and Namibia

- Property24

- Private Property

- IOL Property

- ImmoAfrica


How secure is this?

- All communications with email servers are done under the encrypted HTTPS protocol, while all setup details are also encrypted and saved. No one in Entegral can see or has access to your password.

How often are leads imported?

- We are currently in beta, and new lead emails are imported within 2 minutes.  Depending on testing we may alter the sync schedules.

My lead email doesn't import?

- We don't import lead emails that are forwarded or reply emails, only the original lead email is processed. Contact our helpdesk if you see a lead not being imported.

Can I use other email providers?

- Yes, as long as your email solution supports the IMAP protocol and your email is setup that way.

How quickly does my calendar sync with Google Calendar

- Immediately

If I update a date or time on my Base calendar, will it correct on Google?

- Yes, Base will send an update immediately to Google

My calendar does not sync

- If you've previously connected your Google account, disconnect and reconnect it in Base as you need to allow permissions for Base to update your calendar.