Base allows you to safely link your email account to allow for the automatic import of website leads and other future functions we have planned. 


Once setup, Base will automatically import your lead emails from all supported portals on a continuous basis. It will intelligently extract the lead data and allow you to qualify and convert those leads into contacts. You will be able to see the incoming leads on your dashboard and inbox, from where you can action them. This allows you to compare lead quality between portals and streamline your leads processing operations.

We support the IMAP protocol (where a copy of your email is kept on your email servers).


To set this up, open your profile and select the integrations tab. Enter your IMAP email credentials and click on the 'test your credentials link' to check if everything is ok.

Historical lead emails from the past 7 days will be imported and the system will then import any future leads automatically.


Entegral PremiumMail IMAP setup details:

- IMAP server: secure.emailsrvr.com

- Port: 993

Entegral ValueMail IMAP setup details:
- IMAP server: imap.yourdomainname.co.za (replace yourdomainname with your agency domain)

- Port: 993


Setting up Gmail is unfortunately a bit trickier due to security policies enforced by Google.

You will need to create an App Password as indicated here. This app password can be used in Base IMAP settings. Note that when you change your main Google password, your App Password will be reset as well, and you will need to update it in Base. Instructions below:


- Email Address: your email address

- Password: your 'App Password' as generated within Gmail settings

- IMAP server: imap.gmail.com

- IMAP port: 993

Also make sure that you have IMAP turned on in your mail: 



How secure is this?

- All communications with email servers are done under the encrypted HTTPS protocol, while all setup details are also encrypted and saved. No one in Entegral can see or has access to your password (which is also encrypted on our side).

How often are leads imported?

- New lead emails are imported within 2 minutes. 

My lead email doesn't import?

- We don't import lead emails that are forwarded or reply emails, only the original lead email is processed. Contact our helpdesk if you see a lead not being imported. 

- Check if your IMAP settings are valid. Go to your profile / integrations and check for an error. You can also click on the 'test your settings' to verify:

Can I use any email providers?

- Yes, as long as your email solution supports the IMAP protocol and your email is setup that way.