Our team has made it easy for you to identify problem listings, once logged onto Base select Listings

Now use the drop down and select Listing syndication and click on filter

Filter portal status

You can now easily filter on active, pending or error statuses for listing syndication on your listings landing page in Base.

Re-assign leads to another user

Automated leads import is a great way to centralize all your leads in your Base inbox and convert them into contacts you can track. We've now also added a feature to re-assign leads to other agents:

- Simply open the lead

- Click on Reassign:

- Select the agent to reassign to, by entering the 1st few letters of their name

- Add a note that will appear on your reassigned lead:

- The lead is now removed from your inbox and will appear in the other user's inbox as follows:

They will also see your note and have the ability to `action` it like a normal lead including converting it into a contact.

Automated leads import

We've done a few tweaks on the automated leads import, if any of your leads are not importing into Base correctly please let our team know so we can tweak our algorithms.