New clients switching to Entegral Technologies as main Vendor kindly note the following.

Property24 requirement:

The client can change to Entegral without a 1 month notice, the customer would just need to complete

Annexure A – (attached in this help file) & take note of the additional fee of R500 per month for the feed-in, vat excluded.


This process will only take a few days. Listings remain on Property24 while Entegral does the import. 

Note that the "export process" can take longer and is dependent on the number of agencies P24 have to export the data for. As soon as P24 send the datafile to Entegral for import the portal login will be switched off so that the client cannot update any data on P24 anymore.

For a single branch P24 will normally be able to supply Entegral the datafile for import the same day of request. If there are more agencies then P24 would need more lead time.

Client to Liaise with their CRM from P24

Private Property requirement:

Private Property can only provide a basic export which excludes the property description and images. 

Providing such a report would not take longer than 5 minutes however the client needs to request for the data via Email from the owner of the branch. 

With regards to changing to Entegral as a vendor, this is done with immediate effect at the customer's request and ideally, the current feed provider e.g. P24 etc. should be providing a stock export report to Entegral for import.

Client to Liaise with their CRM from Private Property.

Import and cost thereof payable to Entegral

Selected formats: R499 basic fee, R99 per 50 listings

- Please request quote

Entegral Once off setup fees & Monthly fees

R499 once off setup per paid portal

Monthly fee: R99/month per 50 listings.

vat excluded

*prices are subject to change according to portals discretion