The Base Meeting Room provides an instant, secure video conferencing feature for your office and can be accessed from the shortcut menu on the Base dashboard when you log in:

Do I need special software?

No, the software works through most modern browsers including Google Chrome and accesses your computer's camera and microphone to participate in meetings. Should you however want to access this through your mobile phone or tablet a small app needs to be installed, simply follow the instructions when you open the meeting room.

Who has access?

Everyone in your office with a Base account can log in to Base and click on the Meeting Room to join a video conference for a meeting, informal chat, or even a screen presentation. 

Can I share my screen?

Yes, simply click on the share screen icon on the bottom left if you for instance want to do a presentation:

You can then choose from various options including sharing your entire screen or just a specific browser tab:

Can I invite external guests?

You can simply copy the share link that pops up at when you open the Meeting Room or click on the info button bottom right. Please be aware that that guests will have access to your Meeting Room for the entire day through that link. The link is automatically reset at midnight 00:00.

Is it secure?

Yes, all communication is encrypted using open-source software. Entegral does not have access to your meeting room.

I can only see a gray screen when I open the meeting room?

Make sure you don't have any other video conferencing tools open as shared camera access is not allowed.

Are there any costs I should be aware of?

No, the Meeting Room software is open source software included as part of your Base subscription.