Base allows you to automatically import leads from various sources including your own website and external portals.

These leads are usually unverified and need to be actioned by you to convert into an actual contact or discarded. When you log into Base you will spot new leads as action items similar to this:

You can also view incoming leads through the inbox or the contacts | leads page:

From there you can delete the lead if you see it is spam-related.  

The next logical step (if it is not spam) is to contact this lead and qualify them to see if they are a buyer or seller, property requirements, urgency, etc.

Base makes it easy, you can simply click on the convert to contact link to convert the link into a real contact. This lead will then show as a contact on your centralized contacts page. You can also save related info on the contact, more details here.

The action item is then removed from your inbox and new leads so you can process the next incoming ones.

Converting leads will also link the original lead on the contact's diary on the day they made the inquiry, for easy reference:

From your contacts | leads page you are able to see new leads you haven't converted to contacts yet.