• You can upload an unlimited number of documents to all your listing mandates. Since there is no need to delete listings in Base, you can keep this on sold or inactive listings too.
  • Popular file types are allowed including PDF, Microsoft Office, and image files.
  • By default, documents are only visible to listings agents on the mandate but can be opened so that any other agents in your office can view the documents too.
  • Documents are uploaded and stored on our highly secure cloud infrastructure.
  • Since Base is responsive, you can upload and view documents on your mobile phone too.

This is a great way to store signed mandate agreements, CMA's, offers, and other related files on your mandate.

Open the listing in Base>Mandate>Documents>Add documents

Until now, you could upload documents via the diary tab, this option is still available if you want to save files in chronological order related to certain events (e.g. you did a viewing or property inspection and wanted to capture related photos for that day).

If you are looking to upload files to listings for public display on your Flex website, simply navigate to the media tab and upload files there.